Nutrition, health, fitness, and the many buzz words referring to how one feels and maintains a "healthy" lifestyle seem to be never ending. A lot of "experts" are touting different methods, supplements, workout plans, weight loss plans, and fad drinks or cleanses without any accountability or real world results. Nutrition is powerful and can have mind blowing changes in a matter of days or weeks, but the caveat is how the body responds to each specific stimulus. Pushing the limits of human excellence takes knowledge, measurements and data, proper assessments, and passion. Dr. Kurt Waples created Askdrkurt.com to spread the knowledge and passion and formed Bluestone Health Group to further spread knowledge and passion, but also be the headquarters of this health revolution.

"The human body responds to frequency, intensity, duration, quality, and timing of stimuli."

Dr. Kurt Waples formed Bluestone Health Group more as a personal health consultant firm, instead of a traditional medical office, to maximize human potential, nutrition, and structural integrity. Some of the biggest things that set Dr. Waples apart is his use of functional testing, advanced body composition analysis combined with the effective use of nutrition, brain balance, and neurologically based structural care. Dr. Waples has spent years learning from the best in the fields of functional medicine, nutritional medicine, chiropractic, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, and many additional areas to put together the best possible assessment and treatment techniques to get each client to human excellence as fast as possible. 

"Askdrkurt.com is the cumulation of years of study and clinical application to bring education and understanding to the masses. If you want to reach a level of human excellence you have only dreamed about, this is for you."