The Thyroid Lifestyle

This article is written as part of a system for creating optimal thyroid function. In some people this is automatic and doesn’t need to be refined. In many of us, we must ‘train’ our body to use thyroid hormone optimally. That requires ideal nutrition, supplementation to baseline or above, optimization of workouts and food intake, sleep, water intake, etc. This is the lifestyle side of the equation…

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The very simple solution for PED's in Professional Sports... while standardizing the competition? YES!!

I often wonder why Sports Broadcasters, Writers and TV Pundits don’t go out into the field and talk with experts in human physiology and function. If they are, it seems like they may need to find some new doctors who understand what peak hormone function and PED’s really do. If they did, their stance and opinions would be greatly different. It is thought that PED’s (performance enhancing drung’s) give people an advantage. This advantage is not in the term’s the media often portrays. The enhancements are typically in forms of recovery, thus allowing the athlete to perform at a higher level each and every game day….

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WATER - It's so important! - Standard 3 - >10% Series


It is the most abundant resource on the planet. In ideal body composition terms men are around 60% water and women around 55% water. The cells have a high water content and cellular hydration can even be used as an anti-aging marker. Simply stated, water is one of the most important substances for humans as well as the planet.

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Run from Procrastination - Standard 2 - >10% Series

What is the greatest killer of willpower?


Procrastination happens to everyone. It sucks your life energy and leaves you feeling empty. It is that little voice in your head saying you can do it tomorrow, later today, next week, before the deadline or possibly never.

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SLEEP... A new perspective that may blow your mind!

How many people truly understand and get perfect sleep? The answer is far less than who than the number getting terrible sleep. Americans aren't sleeping anymore and this article is going to take some science and practical strategies to help improve the habit of sleep…

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What is your doctor assessing for? IT MIGHT NOT BE WHAT YOU THINK...

What is the main thing a doctor is looking for? Did you go to the doctor who can answer your specific health questions and create a plan of action to meet your goals? Have you ever thought about what doctor is best for disease diagnosis and which is best to maximize your health?

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Detox Science - A Guest Post by Georgie McNiff

Certain dietary, stress and lifestyle factors can either improve or inhibit your bodies ability to detox. You see reader, cells are like cars (my husband first made this analogy and loves to repeat it). They take in fuel which gives them energy for tasks, they complete these tasks and they output waste. But after years and years of waste output, the bodily systems can suffer from the cumulative effects of our own bio-atmospheric pollution.

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