TESTICULAR HYPERTHERMIA: AN EPIDEMIC. Yes, that means your balls are too hot.

Let me first start this off by saying, this is not a 'males only' article. This is for every single person who has a man in their life and wants them to truly be healthy, vibrant and if you are intending on copulating for the sake of procreating, you must listen up. This is big info.

Testicular hyperthermia happens when a man’s testicles are too hot for extended periods or all the time. Tight underwear and pants are two of the biggest offenders. Yes, boxer briefs constrict your balls too. In fact, I have personal experience with a trendy new online company, championing how great their fabric is and how it will change the world. I found my 'cup area' aching and hurting for extended periods of time while wearing them. I now know why. My testicles were literally dying. They were heating up and dying of hyperthermia or testicular heat stroke.

The history of this issue is quite interesting.

In the late 80s and early 90s, researchers were looking for a male contraceptive and someone came up with bright idea of increasing the temperature of your testes. They used mostly tight underwear and trousers to accomplish this. Some studies did use surgery to ‘sling’ the balls as close to the body as they can get.

The outcomes were quite alarming. Fertility definitely decreased and it could prove to have worked as a birth control method. The reason testicular hyperthermia appeared to work was not something anyone thought would happen. It seems the biggest effect was the massive drop in sex drive, which can be traced to testosterone and other hormone markers. They succeeded in preventing pregnancy. The only problem was they prevented pregnancy by temperature castration and the result was a bunch of men with no sex drive. They couldn’t have sex if they wanted to. They had no sex hormones to drive the body and no flow to the member.

How does this research apply today? No one is running research studies on temperature castration anymore.

We have an epidemic of tight pants, underwear, boxer briefs, tight athletic shorts, tights, testicle constricting fashion trends and also a massive fertility and testosterone problem.

1 degree. The is how much it takes to start seeing massive changes in your testicles. A few degrees hotter and you will begin to have what science calls testicular atrophy. Essentially, your balls will shrink.

The indications you have a testicular temperature problem will show up in the brain hormones, FSH and LH. Hormone systems have many different feedback loops and by the time the brain part of these feedback loops is effected the problem has been there for a very long time. If you have any questions on reading these numbers, please reach out to my office, Bluestone.

Yet, there is hope. This epidemic can partly be turned around with some simple changes.

  • If you aren’t working out, your balls must be loose and free. Boxer briefs, athletic tights or anything that resembles compression is out. Your testicles hang for a reason. Because optimal testosterone function and sperm production happens a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body.
  • Ditch any pants that synch your testicles. I am all for fashion, but not at the expense of testosterone. Also, if you need trendy, hyper tight pants. Go to a tailor and have them fitted.
    • On a side note. I believe everyone needs to have a full outfit made custom for them. Clothing that fit correctly is next to near impossible to find in today's market place.
  • LOVERS OF MEN: Do not ever buy them tights, compression pants or shorts, boxer briefs (except for the 1 hour of exercise, per day) or tight pants again. Get them loose fitting underwear. Encourage testicular freedom.
    • Personally, I have found Tommy John's to have the best underwear in terms of function, testicular freedom and overall performance. 

At the end of the day we need to support a little bit more testicular freedom. No more temperature castration. We need to fight this low testosterone, infertility, testicular hyperthermia problem with the most logical starting place. Get the right underwear and let your balls be free.


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