Greater than 10% - The Paradigm Shifting Series

Greater than 10%. What is that? What does it mean? Why?

Greater than 10% is the new standard in health. It means you are striving to be in the top 10% of health. It means your hormone function is optimal, your body composition is peak, your fluid balance is perfect and all of your lifestyle habits are in check.

You eat clean, drink 3+ liters of water a day, have a bowel movement everyday, sleep great and feel rested when you wake up at the same time everyday.

It is also the assessment measures to measure your status and keep you there. How do you know you are in the top 10% of health? You measure it, and you measure it often. Being peak takes hard work and requires constant measuring and tracking.

This new blog series will dive into the habits, biochemistry, tracking measures and tips to get to the 10% and stay there.

Get ready!

This is going to change the way you feel about health.

-Dr. Kurt