To live and then die... To be maximally healthy is YOUR choice!

One common held assumption in medicine, and specifically held by many chiropractors, is that the human body has the full capacity to be healthy and optimal. The assumption that when the body is balanced in the most rudimentary of ways, and given the bare minimum of stimulus, it will strive to heal and become optimal. The human body will strive for greatness.

I am here to tell you, this concept is wrong.

The human body does not strive to heal you. It doesn’t strive to keep you maximally healthy. Sadly, I think the an interpretation from the Bible may be the most misinterpreted part, as in the phrase, ‘created in the image of God’. The phrase has given humans a false sense of superiority. We are not built, as humans, to be perfect. We are created to live and then die. Our bodies strive to keep us alive enough to make babies and live a life, until we no longer can.

Certain researchers have even found suicide genes. Genes that are designed for the sole purpose of making sure we age. The breeds into a new and weirdly controversial concept that for the evolution of a habitat, and ultimately the whole planet, people, plants, animals and bugs all must have an expiration date.

The human body is designed to stay alive until it isn’t. This is the proper theory.

To be optimal, it takes a massive amount of work. It takes a healthy and positive outlook. It takes a massive amount of positive energy, each and everyday. It takes a completely balanced and optimally functioning biochemistry. This component will take someone that knows how to optimize human function to help out. Finally, it takes a balanced structural system, movement system and set of lifestyle factors, all practiced every day, week and year upon year.

“No pain, no GAIN!” - paraphrased from Ben Franklin

This quote may be the most accurate quote in human existence, when it comes to reaching perfection.

Today is the day to change your outlook. Getting what you want in life, whether it be maximal health, a perfect relationship, business gains and achievements or the wealth of family and finances, all requires hard work. Continual hard work.

Wake up each day and know you have to strive for greatness. Your biology and biochemistry depend on it. The body is a dynamic being that responds to stimulus. Put the correct stimulus into the body.