Homeostasis is the KISS OF DEATH - Standard 5 - >10% Series


It is considered a dynamic state of equilibrium in living organisms. Living stability. The human body requires this to a certain degree. It is always moving and managing systems to create a state of balance, or homeostasis.

In terms of growth, homeostasis is the kiss of death. When your body reaches this state on a constant level, full growth is gone. This includes the brain, hormone function, personal growth, muscle development and all systems and functions in the body.

The human body loves to create stability. It does this with body temperature, pH levels, glucose and blood pressure, hormone levels, etc. Full systems follow this principle as well, like with circadian rhythm. Cellular function is trying to create a state of homeostasis constantly. It doesn’t stop.

How does this relate to health? Why is this a standard?

The human body has a miraculous ability to adapt and make any situation a homeostatic state. This could be war time circumstances or a terrible marriage. These highly negative circumstances can become normal. Eating McDonald’s everyday can become a homeostatic state, albeit not a healthy one.

True health requires challenging this state. It requires getting out of your comfort zone and feeling the growth happen. Expertise researchers have found almost anyone can become extremely ‘gifted’ in any area when practiced with focus and given the right circumstances. One thing they don’t say is how easy it will be. This growth and progress only happens when you leave the state of homeostasis, when you leave your ‘comfort zone’.

Sick homeostasis is not acceptable. Healthy homeostasis isn’t acceptable. Growth is the only thing that is acceptable. Constant, out of the ‘comfort zone’, growth. This is the STANDARD.

Growth is NOT and should not be comfortable. Break homeostasis and be who you want to be. It really is that simple!

Challenge of the day:

  1. What are you doing for growth? How are you getting out of your comfort zone? Do something healthy and slightly uncomfortable.

  2. Repeat everyday.