MEDIOCRITY - BE AFRAID OF IT - Standard 6 - >10% Series


Today, this term still has a negative ring to it, but the negative ring no longer has the sting it used to have. When I was growing up mediocrity was never acceptable. Perfection was the standard. Being on the honor roll, loving and competing in sports, having a proper handshake, etc. Tasks all the way down to sitting still and behaving in church had a standard, and that standard was perfection.

When did this all change?

Some sociologists have tapped into the praising generation where we stopped competing and starting giving abject praise to failure. Others will say it was feminism or the shifting values post WWII. Democrats blame republicans, republicans blame liberals, socialists blame western civilization and capitalism, etc. The lists can go on forever with blame. Blame and excuses are simply another example of mediocrity.

I find the level of acceptance of health mediocrity astounding and potentially the most damaging. This has to change because at the current level, we are creating an epidemic of sickness as the standard of health.

As an adult, you only have one person to blame for all mediocrity. YOU. Yourself. Only you have control of yourself and everything you do and put time into. There are no more participation trophies for life. Especially when it comes to health.

Health is hard work. Being in the top ten percent of health is even harder. It takes a daily grind and effort that is unrelenting. Where there is hard work, there is also large payoffs. It may be the biggest return on effort investment of anything you can do. Your joints will begin to feel great, your ailments disappear, the energy you experience is abounding, brain focus and memory so clear you would think you are taking drugs… These things are the pay off. Experiencing absolute enjoyment in life is the payoff.

Health Mediocrity is accepting the 5-100 extra lbs of fat you have been carrying around the past year. Accepting the painful joints every morning, the fatigue you experience in the afternoon (or all day in some cases), the bowel distress and disturbed sleep. The lack of sex and sexual function. The lack of drive. The list is endless.

The biggest travesty to health mediocrity is the medical complex that exists. It aims to make menopause symptoms a normal sign of aging. They aren’t. It makes low testosterone symptoms a normal part of aging. They aren’t. It makes pain and arthritis appear normal as opposed to a sign of terrible aging. Diabetes and obesity as normal. They aren’t. Genetics as an absolute certainty of which they aren’t. 95% of your health is directly related to your choices. Your parents and genes have very little to do with your health. STOP BLAMING THEM.

How many of you have had a doctor tell you your symptoms of health mediocrity are ‘normal’? My guess would be all of you reading this.

I am here to tell you they aren’t normal. They are failures. It is health mediocrity. My final hope of all who are reading this is to inspire you to gain some confidence and crush your health mediocrity. Never accept it as normal. In fact, get up and run from it. Be afraid of mediocrity. It will kill you.

Next time you feel mediocre, it is time to get up and move. Run from that feeling. Change that feeling. Maximize yourself. Fear should be of mediocrity itself, the state of it.