The BIG Secret of Goal Setting is Finally Revealed

Goal setting is the stuff of champions. There is a reason most of the leadership gurus preach about goal setting. It seems that some of the most successful people in the world in all areas of commerce have this trait in common.

As I get older I have come to understand that the most successful way of writing goals is to consult and hire someone else to do it. That may sound odd. Have someone else create your goals? Yes. Having someone outside look objectively at your situation, assess it and offer feedback, and in some cases, a plan to meet those goals can be the best decision you can make. I have found, personally, that consulting with a professional who can assess your situation and give you objective advice proves to be the best way stay on tract. Is someone keeping you accountable? One of the best ways to be kept accountable is to pay for it. Money is a great motivator and when paying for advice it adds a level of urgency and accountability simply not seen when things are free.

Health goals are no different. Your health goal requires a doctor, coach, cheerleader, and support system. The doctor should be someone with the tools, education and clinical experience to properly tract and manage a health goal. Sadly, most doctors cannot do this, as they work mostly with disease and not health advancement. This will be the toughest part of your goal setting. The coach can be a single person or a whole team. This person will help with designing and implementing a personalized work out plan. Your cheerleader or cheer team can be and consist of  a friend, family member, coach, doctor, spouse, or anyone you share your success with. Celebrate success! The support system is another term for love. Meeting goals requires love.

Your biggest goal making decision will be the doctor you choose and hire to help you create and achieve goals, this doctor will be your personal health consultant. Your personal health consultant needs to be able to be objective, results driven and have the proper measurement techniques to tract progress.

Experts agree that measurable goals are necessary. When entering into any health program, measurable data is necessary. At Bluestone Health Group we use a couple ways of tracking body composition throughout our detoxification and fat loss programs. We use systems that accurately tract body fat, muscle mass, frame mass, water content, cellular water distribution, hormone balance and other biomarkers, as required for each individual.

It takes measuring all these things to maximize your health and to meet your health goals. If your personal health consultant is not measuring, then a huge part of meeting your goals is not being met. Knowing what is changing, or not changing, is required to meet any goal. If your current health goals aren’t being met or your team is not tracking accurately (or in some cases, at all) it is time to get a new team.

The secret has been revealed. It is having a team around you to help you define and meet your goals. Now, find your team and start exceeding those goals!

Happy Goal Setting!