Have you ever wondered why almost all health experts recommend exercise? Besides the improved heart function, better energy production, helping maintain a healthy body weight and an undisputed factor in being healthy, we now know it also helps detoxify heavy metals.

An article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology found that highly trained athletes excreted more toxic metals through urine and sweat than did sedentary people living in the same region. The metals tested were cadmium, tungsten, tellurium, beryllium and lead. These metals are non-essential and cause many damaging effects in the body, including increased risk of cancer, oxidative stress and contribute to a number of autoimmune diseases. 

Sweating has been proven to be an effective detoxification strategy for a number of different toxin types including heavy metals. Part of the reason elite athletes detoxify more heavy metals through sweat and urine is the fact they sweat more, and their body’s are more highly tuned and efficient. This does NOT mean you can’t improve your detoxification processes through workouts.

At Bluestone Health Group we like to promote weight training and interval type cardio based activity. We have found this works very effectively to reduce fat in the body, which incidently, is the place where most toxins are stored. If you are looking to help detoxify heavy metals, the first step you should be making is a workout plan that includes weight training and intervals to ensure adequate muscle stimulation and a high perceived level of exertion. Get sweating!

Heavy metal detoxification can be supported through proper diet and supplementation as well. If you would like to learn more about how to detoxify heavy metals, stay tuned for upcoming tips or check out our office

Exercise those metals out!


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