Being Healthy Doesn't Always Taste Good...

When deciding to change your life and become healthy it takes a very conscious effort. The more resistance you body has (leptin, insulin, cortisol, etc.) the harder it will be. Good, healthy, sustainable, organic, non-GMO, non-processed food definitely doesn't taste as good as food engineered to taste better than the original thing. Did you know major food companies employ food scientists who sole job is to design artificial taste? These molecules and substances trick our body into thinking we are eating Thanksgiving dinner, when in reality you are eating cardboard. 

With the food industry trying to destroy your taste receptors with fake, artificial taste, no wonder eating healthy stinks. It takes time to change your taste buds and learn to feel how food effects the body. 


This is a quote I use all the time with clients. In the beginning of a health program, whether it being a detoxification or lifestyle plan. It takes a bit of time to retrain your body to feel food and not only taste food. This can range from 1 week to up to 3 or more months. It all depends on the amount of excess weight and the degree of diet dysfunction.

I will tell you there is hope. If you stick it out this change from taste to feeling will happen. Detoxification, clinical nutrition, hormone balancing, lifestyle changes, sleeping, managing stress, and working out all will help speed up the process. We have seen miraculous changes in a matter of 7 days with the right type of program. (click on this link for my office info)

Don't live another day being a victim to taste. Start taking control and feeling the effects real, nutrition food can have on your body. 


Dr. Kurt