Your PERSONALIZED form of Meditation...


It's hip and trendy. Celebrities and executives talk about going on retreats specifically for mediation. Your calm and enlightened friends do it. The hyper anxious guy at work has been doing transcendental meditation for years, even though it doesn't appear to be working. Why does is seem meditation only works for the people who seem to not need it? 

This answer sat and percolated in my brain until I came to the realization it is personality based. We can link basic brain chemistry to personality profiles with a high level of accuracy and it clicked that each person, or personality profile needs their own form. Or more specifically, meditation can be optimized when finding a form that maximizes brain chemistry. Remember, we can also view meditation as a means to physiologically control and modulate hormones. 

After years of searching, trying meditation apps and practicing yoga, I am happy to say I have found the form that seems to be working at the moment. It all came from this simple video. It demonstrates the unseen power of the universe. Pure physics and amazement. 

This is an example of the force of nature happening. I try and think of this as nature synchronizing in a few minutes. I should be able to calm my mind, balance my hormones, begin to relax and focus in a few short minutes. Now this is my practice. Balancing and synchronizing as fast as nature can.