Omega 3s: Are you taking enough?

Scientific research shows that Omega 3s improve almost every single human disease. There are thousands of studies showing the positive effects of Omega's 3's on heart disease alone. What does this tell us? Simply stated, Omega 3s are one of the top supplements people should be taking. Omega 3's benefit blood fats, brain health, inflammation, joint health and I could go on and on. Nowadays we also have blends of omega 3s,  which can be focused toward specific tissues such as brain, general tissue health, heart tissue, lung tissue and inflamed bodily tissues. 

The hard part with Omega 3 supplementation is finding the right dosing. Some people show great benefit with 1-3 grams per day. Some people need a far higher intake at around 10+ grams per day (common in injury recovery patients). Over the years I have found a very simple strategy proven to help patients find their correct personal dosing. 

The strategy is like i said, very simple, take enough Omega 3s so that you have great skin. Take a dose high enough, usually around 5-10 grams per day, so that you don't have to slather on the lotion. The skin should be properly hydrated and soft to the touch. If your skin is rough, dry, has cracks or requires constant lotion application, you do not have adequate omega 3 content in your body. 

My favorite two Omega 3 supplements for skin health can be found in my store:

Omegagenics EPA 500 - Big anti-inflammatory effect. 

Omegagenics DHA 900 - Brain and heart health focus.

If you get dry skin in the winter, it is time to increase your Omega 3 supplementation and see if you can avoid the lotion trap. Start with taking 10 grams per day for a couple of weeks and see if your skin becomes more and more hydrated as the weeks go on. Not only will your skin look great, but you will also feel less inflamed and have far greater brain function.

*If you have blood disorders or take blood thinners this way of dosing may not be best for you and you may need to consult your physician.*