Strategies to Beat the Holiday Weight Gain

Many people gain weight during the holiday season. Whether it be from a few too many desserts or a few too many holiday cocktails holiday weight gain is real and it is stubborn to come off in January. Although spending time with family and gift giving to loved ones are something we all look forward to, the stress of family and finances should be something you are aware of and monitoring as stress can also lead to substantial weight gain. Here are some tips to help beat the holiday love handles. 

  1. Drink more water. Water will help flush out that which you don't want or need and odds are you aren't getting enough. Especially, if you are drinking during the holiday season. One rule I have found to be very successful is drink at least 2.5 liters throughout the day. In addition to that, drink 500 mL (a regular sized bottle of water), 15 to 30 min before each meal. Drinking water before meals has an appetite suppressing effect.
  2. Earn your carbs. This is a pretty simple rule. When you are going to eat dessert, or a highly sweet, carbohydrate rich food, make sure to work out a little extra.  Earn that dessert. Your workout can be fun, but you should work out to the point you can't hold a conversation, no chatting or texting on the phone while you elliptical, hit weights and hit them hard. Working out increases GLUT 4 receptor activity, meaning your body processes sugar more effectively. 
  3. Take a 30 min walk after each heavy meal. Research has found walking for 30 min after a meal improves insulin signaling and promotes a healthy weight. It also is a great way to de-stress and enjoy time with a spouse or loved one.
  4. Sleep 8 hours. Research consistently proves when you get quality sleep, sugar cravings are minimized and fat loss is optimized. Sleeping will be one of the best ways to beat the holiday weight gain.
  5. Advaclear. This is one of my favorite supplements. It is a liver adaptogen, meaning it balances the phases of detoxification. All that extra sugar and alcohol has to be detoxified, and this is the simplest, easiest and most effective way of supplementing the holiday season. 
  6. Continue Baseline Supplements; multivitamin (of some sort - shakes, pill form, etc), Omega 3 or Essential Fatty Acid support and lastly, the personalized priority supplement. The personalized supplement is always related to the top health priority with stress being overwhelmingly the most common. Buffering stress would always be a good choice during the holiday season anyway!

Following these simple tips can lead a holiday season of fat loss, or at least no fat gain. 

Be safe and enjoy this holiday season!