WATER - It's so important! - Standard 3 - >10% Series


It is the most abundant resource on the planet. In ideal body composition terms men are around 60% water and women around 55% water. The cells have a high water content and cellular hydration can even be used as an anti-aging marker. Simply stated, water is one of the most important substances for humans as well as the planet. This is why it’s the first nutritional standard in my new >10% series.

How much water is enough?

I like to use the metric system when dealing with water. It takes people out of the terrible ounces trap. I think water equations are a very weak way of tracking water. Water is very simple.

3 L minimum per day. If you are active, have a lot of muscle, sweat a lot, are trying to lose weight or are highly stressed you need over a gallon. It is as simple as that. No body weight - ounces equations. Simply drink 3 or more L of water a day.

Concepts of water consumption.

First, we have to take a step back and conceptually look at the body. When your body is dehydrated what is it going to do? It is going to do everything in its power to hold onto as much water as possible. Think about that…

When you don’t drink water you will become bloated, or if you already are bloated, you will remain bloated. The body is going to hold onto all the water it can. Being dehydrated leads to being massively bloated.

From an evolutionary perspective this is great. In times of famine or low water supply you want your body to hold onto all the water it can. In today’s 21st Century living, this is not an optimal strategy. We have ample water available and not one person should be dehydrated. We are in the most technologically advanced world ever in history and yet we may be the most unhealthy. Drinking water is so easy and yet people still don’t do it.

When you drink a lot of water, the body can relax and flush. This is why when you begin to drink a lot of water you pee a lot. This is your body releasing all the bloat it has been holding onto from being dehydrated.

So, in order to not be bloated, you must continually drink at least 3 L of water a day. Yes you will pee a lot in the first 2 weeks. Remember, this is your body releasing bloat and this a very good thing.

The more water you drink, the less bloated you will be.

In fact, we have a client who lost over 7 lbs of fat in 4 weeks by simply drinking over a gallon of clean water a day.

Water Strategies.

My favorite way create the habit of water consumption and to ensure good, clean, non toxic water is to buy it. Personally, I like Iceland and Essentia water best. When you buy water, you can ensure you are getting the right amount per day. Two 1.5 L bottles per day ensures you get the minimum requirement. Any glasses above that is a bonus. Start with this strategy until water is a habit.


Thirst is not an accurate marker of hydration. By the time you feel thirst you are massively dehydrated. Thirst is to keep you alive. It is not a mechanism to keep you optimally hydrated. That is up to you and your habits.

Final Thoughts.

Water must be 100% clean. Tap water, cheap bottled water and low grade filtered water is junk. You must invest in great water. I like Reverse Osmosis systems as the best home units to install. For renters or something a bit cheaper, the Berkey water systems and filters are a great alternative. They do require more upkeep but do a great job filtering. They also have heavy metal, fluoride and additional add on filters to clean up bad water in your area. Not all areas have the same toxicants. This can help you get specific when cleaning up the water in your area.

Begin the WATER CHALLENGE TODAY! It will change your life!

The Water Challenge:

  1. Drink 1 gallon of clean water a day for a week.

  2. Gauge how you feel and continue for the 2nd week. 1 gallon a day.

  3. Repeat forever.