Run from Procrastination - Standard 2 - >10% Series

What is the greatest killer of willpower?


Procrastination happens to everyone. It sucks your life energy and leaves you feeling empty. It is that little voice in your head saying you can do it tomorrow, later today, next week, before the deadline or possibly never.

Another word for procrastination is EXCUSES. Excuses are verbal justifications for procrastination. Believe me, I know all about procrastination. I have been there, and at one point have procrastinated as a hobby.

Even while writing this, I have a voice in my head saying you need to go eat. You are hungry. Why not finish this later. You have time.

To beat procrastination NIKE got it right with the saying, ‘Just Do It’. Once you get started it can be finished. Not starting is the epitome of procrastination. It leaves you stagnant and stuck.

I was surfing on FB the other day and stumbled across a ‘nutrition page’ which had a very negative post about D’Wayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. They were saying his lifestyle and physique are not realistic for the normal person. He is rich and has a team and ‘normal’ people don’t have time for that. Typically, I do not comment on FB, but this time was very different. From everything I have seen and read, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Doesn’t ‘The Rock’ wake up every morning and workout before all the ‘normal’ people wake up? Doesn’t he put out more movies a year than most actors? Also, didn’t he start from nothing and make his success a product of his hard work? Tell me what part of his life is easy. In my opinion, you earn the team surrounding you. It isn’t something handed to you.

This post was full of pre-excuses as to why people can’t achieve health. The pre-reasons why normal people can’t be strong, ripped and healthy. Wow. The power of procrastination and excuses. Even ‘health companies’ make them for future prospective clients.

Let me tell you one thing. Being maximally health has no space for procrastination or excuses. Everyday you have to be ‘ON’ and ready to tackle the day. The world is here to make you fat and lazy and if you aren’t already. It will make sure you can binge watch useless TV and eat enough sugar to get there within a few weeks. If being healthy was easy, we would all be healthy and easy. 66% or more of the population wouldn’t be obese or overfat.

You know how you beat procrastination?

YOU JUST DO IT. You wake up and do it. It literally is that simple. Let me repeat that.

YOU JUST DO IT. YOU WAKE UP AND DO IT. It literally is that simple.

Wake up at 4:30 AM and get out of bed? Who cares if you are tired. You simply get out of bed and begin doing some air squats. Finish 100 of them. See how awake you are after that. Chances are you won’t want to go to bed after that. If you do, simply do another 100 air squats. Guaranteed you won’t be sleepy after 200 air squats before 5 AM. Then get your day going. Make breakfast, write that blog post (the one you have procrastinated on for a year), check your emails and plan for the day, continue to workout, etc. Begin all those things you have been putting off. Odds are some of those tasks can be completed before the world even wakes up.

Don’t get discouraged. You may slip up here and there. Who cares? Wake up tomorrow and begin again. Crushing procrastination’s spirit takes time. After a year of waking up at 4:30 you will have no problem doing it. In fact, you won’t need an alarm clock. Although, that first week or even month may be really hard, stick with it. Referring back to Standard 1 to balance the Willpower Equation may be required.


Goal for Today:


  2. Set you plan and agenda for today. Set your wake up and time for tomorrow and DO IT! NO EXCUSES.