2017 New Years Resolution

Happy 2017!

New Year's Resolutions typically get a bad rep because they entail some form of body or lifestyle modification. Typically, that thing which has been an issue for years, like losing fat or getting to the gym more than once a quarter...

This year I decided to do something to change my brain. I have meddled with meditation for a couple years now, never doing it consistently. I read over the holidays that Arnold Schwarzenegger meditated for a year when he was a young body builder and found that year of meditation changed his whole stress pattern. He found after that full year of meditation he didn't need as focused of a practice and that he handled stress in a new profound way. It enabled him to reach the pinnacles he did. 

This year for 2017 I am going to do 365 meditation sessions. It has taken me a couple weeks to find the program I wanted to follow and use as a guide. Calm.com is the program I chose. It came highly recommended and I like the features it provides. 

Today was session number 1 and it went well. 

The other caveat of keeping your New Year's Resolution is tracking and measuring. In my case, I am keeping a personal excel spreadsheet tallying my sessions and making sure I hit the 365 sessions in a year. This means some days I will have to do 2 sessions. Tracking is necessary for all goals to be accomplished. If you don't measure your body composition with multiple markers, how will you stay motivated? The answer is you won't. 

Happy 2017 and keep measuring!