Dr. Kurt's Detox: DAY 3

I woke up and felt great. My sleep the night before was great and one of the best nights of sleep I have had in a while. After walking around a bit, my low back and hips are a bit sore. I believe this is from the stretching and yoga I had done the first 2 days. My pelvis feels stronger than normal and all the muscles are really firing.

My energy levels were great throughout the day. I had 3 shakes and a large salad. I got home at 4:30 and a wave of fatigue hit me. I passed out for 2 hours within in 15 min of being home. It was a glorious nap and I woke up refreshed, although a bit gassy.

I had broccoli soup after the nap and immediately became gassy and very bloated. The bloating remained for the whole evening. The gas was very foul for the first hour and after that was not foul but still present in high amounts. It was uncomfortable and the relieving of gas didn't offer any relief.

I did not have a bowel movement and was not very thirsty all day. So far this evening was the worst part of the detox.