Dr. Kurt's Detox: DAY 2

Day 2 was a bit more rough than day 1. Day 2 is typically the hardest and most symptom provoking day of the plan. I woke up feeling pretty good. My sleep was better than normal and I slept 7.5 hours straight without waking up at all.

Around noon I started getting a dull headache around my eyes and forehead. I was also feeling kind of light-headed around this time as well. I don't believe it was due to not eating as I was 2 shakes deep at this point.

At around 2PM I started feeling bloated. This bloating persisted for the rest of the day. I had no energy at this point, felt very groggy and a little depressed. Still no bowel movement.

When 5PM hit I was laid out on the couch. I worked until about 4:30 and when I got home I made some broccoli soup and as soon as I finished I fell asleep for 1.5 hours. The nap felt great. When I woke up I had more energy and didn't feel quite as terrible. I also had a bowel movement of tiny little rabbit pellets.

I took the night pretty easy, watched some TV, did some yoga and stretching. The left hip was infinitely improved from the day before. No pain in the hip flexor and the glute was firing much better. That type of change is not typical and I attribute the drastic change to the proper treatment, stretching, yoga and muscle work I did the night before coupled with the nutrient density of the detox plan.

I had 2 16 oz veggie shakes with kale, zucchini, lemon, parsley, sea salt and pepper, 2 bowls of broccoli soup (homemade), and sautéed kale.

I was not very thirsty but drank around 3 L of water in addition to another 12 servings of Power Reds throughout the day. I am not urinating as much as I would think with the amount of fluids being drank.

Day 3 to come tomorrow.