Dr. Kurt's Detox: DAY 4

With the difficulties of Day 3, the sleep was the best sleep I have had in a year. A solid 8 hours, almost to the minute. I didn't toss and turn. I fell asleep on my back and woke up on my back. It was great. If only ever night could be that good.

My productivity throughout the day was way up and I was having a lot more energy. Not just regular 'pep' energy, but focused energy. The only issue with the focused energy was my brain wasn't quite as sharp as it could be. I anticipate this coming back in the following days.

I was again bloated in the evening. No real successful bowel movements again and the bloating is beginning to get uncomfortable at night. I don't think the Magnesium theonate is working to help with bowel flow. I will continue this for the week and re-evaluate if needed.

The low back is still a little sore. The more I sit, the more sore it gets. The soreness did not go away with walking around, which it normally does.