Dr. Kurt's Detox: THE PLAN, DATA & GOALS

The Earth is at one of its most toxic points in history. Every single person, plant and animal species is toxic. 100% of people tested are positive for toxins. Detoxification is a must in the 21st Century. I recommend a comprehensive detoxification program at least 4 times a year and some form of support everyday. Detoxification can be as simple as eating clean, organic, and allergen free while taking a detox oriented multi-vitamin or it can be as intense as a customized week long medical food based program. Both have their benefits and will greatly improve your life, which is confirmed in scientific research and clinically with our Body Comp Analytics System. (More on Body Comp Analytics later this month.)

I am going to document my next detoxification program with pictures, body comp data, daily updates and anything else people want to know. I promise to hold nothing back. The details of the assessment and tracking data will be presented later this month as I lay out my new Body Comp Analytics Program. 

Here is my personal information and goals. I am also incorporating a workout plan as well to begin in week 2 of the detox plan, to be detailed in Week 2 of the program. The detox plan is my Bluestone 7(21) Detox, which begins with 7 days of an intensive detox plan consisting of an unlimited amount of medical foods and vegetables. The next 21 days are continued detox at a lesser intensity while incorporating the Modified Elimination Diet. 


  • Weight - 175.5 lbs
  • Height - 71 in
  • Waist - 34.25 in
  • Hips - 37.75 in
  • Body Fat % - 18%
  • Body Fat Mass - 31.5 lbs
  • Muscle Mass - 71.2 lbs
  • Frame Mass** 72.8 lbs
  • Total Body Water % - 59%
  • Total Body Water L - 47L
  • ICW* %/L - 62.7% / 29.4L
  • ECW* %/L - 37.3% / 17.5L
  • Phase Angle^ - 7.2

Many additional data points went into the Body Comp Analytics including an Acid/Alkaline Test, Zinc Test, 13 Point Hormone Assessment, Thyroid Test and other stress tests. Portions of the Analytics program are beyond the scope of this post and will not be discussed in the blog. 


  • Weight - 167.5 lbs (-8 lbs)
  • Body Fat % - 14.1% (-3.9%)
  • Body Fat Mass - 23.7 lbs (-7.8 lbs)
  • Muscle Mass - 74.3 lbs (+3.1 lbs)
  • Frame Mass 69.5 lbs (-3.3 lbs)
  • Total Body Water % - 62.4% (+3.4%)
  • Total Body Water L - 47.4L (+0.4L)
  • ICW* %/L - 66% / 31.3L (+3.3% / +1.9L)
  • ECW* %/L - 34% / 16.1L (-3.3% / -1.5L)
  • Phase Angle^ - 8.7 (+1.5)

The goals listed above are 28 Day goals. Weekly assessments are part of the program and will be posted on the blog. 

The detox plan is designed to support liver detoxification, improve acid alkaline balance, reduce stress and improve stress buffering, replenish nutrients, improve gut health and lastly improve metabolism and thyroid function. That may sound like a lot, yes. When you look to maximize the human body you must first understand biochemistry, and secondly give the body the correct dosing and what it needs to ultimately elicit change. 

The problem with most clinical nutrition programs is weak and ineffective dosing strategy and improper supplement use. Most practitioners still use a symptom based model, even when claiming to treat the cause. You must first build up the body, give it what it needs, at the right dose, the right time and intensity, to effectively change and maximize human potential. 

Stay tuned, as each day I will write a post about my experience during the 7 day intense detox. 

-Dr. Kurt

*ICW - Intracellular Water; ECW - Extracellular Water

**Frame Mass has ECW factored into the total. Changes in the Frame Mass reflect loss of bloat or fluctuations extracellular water.

^Phase Angle is a marker relating to cellular health and is derived from data from Bio-Impedance Analysis.