Setting the Daily Standard - Standard 7 - >10 Series

How do you set your daily standard?

Setting the time you are going to wake up, and getting up at that time. Yes, it is literally that simple.

No excuses. No need for sleep. No aches or pain. Simply setting the time you want to wake up and then simply getting out of bed at that time. Nothing more, nothing less.

This is the first step to setting a standard in your daily life. If you can’t commit to a time to wake up, how can you commit to anything? How can you commit to a partner? A job? A family? The most basic commitment every morning is to wake up at a specific time and then to follow through. This is a commitment to yourself.

Personally, I have begun to plan out my mornings completely. Below is an example of my Tuesday morning.

5:00 AM - Wake Up

5:05 AM - Sit in a squat for 2 min - helps wake up and also gets the blood flowing; Take morning supplements (today - brain support and thyroid support)

5:15 AM - Get gym stuff ready, drink more water, take some pre-workout amino acids - get out the door and to the gym

6-7 AM - Workout - Today it was a CrossFit workout at CrossFit Stamford. ‘Randy’ to be specific. Very tough.

7:15 AM - Back at home - eating breakfast and showering to be at work for the day at 8 AM.

In the 3 hours before being at work I ate breakfast, did a hard workout, worked on some mobility and function, optimized my brain and nutrition with supplementation and overall got a ton of personal stuff accomplished. There is no excuses for not working out or doing things to better your health. It was all done right away in the morning.

Setting your daily standard is that easy. I didn’t say it wasn’t going to take effort, but in terms of actually doing it, it is really that easy. Get out there and commit to yourself and create your standard.

"The reasons to wake up must outweigh the reasons for staying up."