Dr. Kurt's Detox: DAY 1

Day 1 of the detox plan usually isn't all that hard. It is more 'weird' than anything. It is a change in routine, less food, more liquid and overall pretty easy.

I had 3 shakes, 1 bag of spinach, 4 16 oz veggie shakes and 12 servings of Power Reds along with 3 doses of supplements taken with the shakes.

The veggie shakes consisted of spinach, cucumber, red beets, cilantro, parsley, sea salt, pepper and lemon.

I didn't have too many symptoms on day 1 besides some bloating later in the evening. This did coincide with the veggie shakes and spinach as I had most of them in the evening. One interesting symptom was around 6pm I got very cold.

It felt like the chills when you are getting sick. I took a dose of Thyrosol and within 15 minutes the chills went away. This was something new for me and very interesting that the chills went away so quickly.

The 12 servings of Power Reds, which are a plant nutrient mix with 20+ serving of plant nutrients per serving felt great. My head was clearer, I was energized and overall felt very nourishing to the body.

I did not have a bowel movement on day 1, which is very typical for me when starting a detox. I did have extra bloating but no excessive gas.

I did not lift weight or do any intense exercise on Day 1. I did do some yoga and active stretching around 8:30PM. I noticed my left hip flexor was very tight and sore when stretching and activating my glute. After the yoga session my hips were much looser and my back felt more relaxed.